3 Common Questions People Have About Investor Relations

Let’s face it – there are a lot of corporate jobs and careers that bring rush. From wealth management jobs to hedge fund positions and accounting jobs, it seems like all of these branches are based on numbers and have a certain kind of pressure of them.

Far from all of them, however, is a field with jobs that allows individuals to work in the finance industry – yet without digesting any of the pressure. Investor relations jobs are the perfect example for this.

So, What Is The Niche Of Investor Relations All About – And Who Is It For?

Basically all the investor relations jobs can allow a finance-minded individual to work within the industry without crutching any numbers. As you have probably guessed, investor relations is all about communication and constant cooperation. This means anything from investment opportunities to explaining new standards and practices to the future investors.

Having a career in investor relations is ideal for everyone with a twin talent – being a ‘people person‘ with a strong public speaker with outreach skills, and knowing the financial world well enough so you can sell the benefits of it to the individuals interested about it.

How Do You Get Started In Investor Relations?

Figuring out how to get started in investor relations is not tough. However, it is still a new field that needs certain specialization. Usually, the top talent in investor relations (IR) comes from economy grads with a major in communications or analyst.  Finding their own way into fund management is also beneficial and spices up their knowledge on finance and institutions. But most important, is the talent that makes you a ‘people person’ who aims on developing the other side of finance – the one where numbers are not the crucial aspect for growth.

If you are picking a smaller company, you should know that there may be only 1 to 2 people in the Investor Relations department – and that the hierarchy is probably compressed. That is why careers in IR are best only in public and large companies.

A Day In The Life Of Investor Relations Employees  – What’s It Like?

Investor relations employees work about 50 hours per week on average. Occasionally,  there are possibilities for big events coming in when they need to prepare and focus on a particular role. If it is a normal day, the job involves scanning through news sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Financial Times as well as local newspapers for any potential analyst reports from various investment banks. If there are any news worthy of attention, the information is resent to senior management.

The tasks may vary by the day and might also include meeting with investors from major companies, reviewing interim financial statements and scanning for numbers, as well as drafting presentations and sitting down with senior management to discuss them.

The real skill here is to be able to handle all situations well and at the same time always report to senior management about all the changes. You have to be a ‘people’ person and know how to simultaneously search, scan and report at all times – even out of your work hours.

A Final Word

The bottom line is that as difficult as it may seem to people, being in Investor Relations is a role that can be mastered. ‘People’ persons are not born – they are made. And even though you must have some technical background in finance, economy and IT – being in investor relations is a role that also relies on your creativity, problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.