Equity Story Rebrand: Where Retail Traders Come to Grow – By 18% per Trade That Is

With 36% of adult Australians owning shares (ASX, 2015), and just shy of $1,000 median weekly equivalised disposable income (ABS/SIH, 13-14 Report, 2016), Australians have the capacity to add to or initiate investments in their listed businesses. The ASX ownership study goes on to mention that an additional 2.52 million Australians would get invested, but are feeling confused and possibly don’t realise that they already have near instant access to superior financial advice ensuring their investment decisions could be efficient and well-informed ones. 

CEO of Equity Story, Trent McGraw, recently launched the research house’s rebranded website and stated, “we rebranded our business and rebuilt our membership site to ensure our image reflects our market leading results.” Equity Story currently leads the advisory market in annualised returns to investors, as well as quality content production. With two or more ‘buy’ recommendations per week for the past two years, plus daily videos, analysis of trends, and $5.00 brokerage through OpenMarkets trading platform, equity trading can finally be simplified.

Equity Story has built a loyal following through establishing recommendations earning an average of 18.79%* return per closed trade. Furthermore, by offering members decreased brokerage costs, they pave the way for short-term trading strategies while bringing the cost of “keeping up” down. McGraw went on to mention: 

“There are very few services or individuals out there that will take the time to look out for the mum and pop’s or other inexperienced investors with even just a little amount of capital to trade. This is the very reason Equity Story exists so that every dollar counts, and furthermore has the chance to generate a return.”

R3D Global (Equity Story’s Investor Relations firm) is also assisting the group with the digital distribution of the Equity Story products, with a new corporate site which is sleek and engaging and provides its members with expansive knowledge and timely calls to action. Prospective members also have three product offerings to choose from including an ability to enjoy up to 14 days of free trialling. This allows for an enhanced trading experience without any ongoing commitment.

And that’s The Equity Story – facilitating reliable trading decisions to help Australian investors become more and more knowledgeable every day.