Equity Story is a Sydney-based stock market research and reporting firm. We aim to help our clients make fast, reliable share trading decisions with simple and straight forward advice you can act on immediately.

We take the emotion out of investing.



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As an Equity Story member you will be emailed clear buy and sell recommendations handpicked by Australia’s leading investment team – delivered straight to your inbox. It couldn’t be any easier.
With Equity Story, you will never trade alone.
We firmly believe that Equity Story offers the best trading advice in Australia, but we are always looking for ways to add value for our members.
We have recently secured the best brokerage deal in Australia, giving our members access to trade from $5.00 up to $10,000 or 0.05% per trade.
Our members are everything to us and we do not want them wasting money unnecessarily on brokerage or poor advice, when they could be investing more of that hard-earned money into their share portfolio.

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