Event as a Strategic Marketing Tool

Like many businesses, we are probably looking for a quick, easy way to enable marketing strategy to reach out to customers in a way that engages them, builds a relationship, stimulates word-of-mouth, and increases brand loyalty. Going online and utilize digital channels? Yes! We should. Building online connections with customers and prospects has become a fundamental part of marketing. However, in the midst of all online interactions, do not neglect that face to face interactions are still a powerful and valuable way to forge important relationships.


Any business event that allows you to meet your customers and prospects in the real world can provide great opportunities. Today’s customers love to feel a connection with the brands. Events can show the brand’s unique personality and give a chance to mingle with customers and prospects. In other words, events help generating brand recognition, making brand much more accessible to the target audiences.

Moreover, real-life experiences are more engaging and can shape our memories much more profoundly than anything else. Customers today are looking for specific products or services and of course there are so many different options. With an event, it helps cutting through the clutter. It facilitates face-to-face discussion with customers and prospects, helping them to establish a much more personal and intimate relationship with the brand.

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Not only that, events help us generate feedback immediately about the products or services. Events allow customers to try out products in real time before they buy it and take a hands-on approach with the purchase process. They can give us valuable feedback in real time, which will allow us to address potential questions or issues right away, creating happy, informed customers.

For example, R3D Global was selected by Stewardship Asia Centre as its partner to co-organise an event. The event was a mutual learning and sharing platform for business leaders about stewardship and corporate governance. The discussions were engaging and packed with insightful sharing of succession planning, long term value creation, finding the right balance between short and long term considerations as well as shareholder responsibility. The event was extremely well received, and has further sprouted exchanges among the leaders.

The bottom line is, although creating a conversation with customers and prospects online is important, engaging with them face-to-face adds a lot of value to the brand image and are still some of the best ways to build genuine, long-lasting relationships.

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