Investor Relations Introduction

Dynamic, Disruptive, and Digital integration

It’s not every day that you see an investor relations (IR) company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Matter of fact, you haven’t seen it at all because R3D Global is the first of its kind. You may find yourself further asking, “well… how does a marketing solutions and public relations company get there in the first place?” And the answer is, because R3D provides dynamic, disruptive, and digital integration for companies experiencing the severe unmet need in these services across various Asia Pacific (APAC) industries.

Introducing R3D Global (ASX: R3D)

Out of the entire public relations (PR) industry in Australia, only 13 per cent of products and services offered are dedicated to financial communications (Allday, A., IBIS World, 2015), an area R3D already specialises in with financial markets and deal experience valued at over $200 billion. Furthermore, only 6.2 per cent of video and digital development services capture the growing demand for corporate videos, animated infographics, training videos, and other creative integration for companies; surprisingly, these same offerings are being serviced by only 20% of the entire Australian market with the technical skills to produce the digital content in the first place (Lo, B., IBIS World, 2016). Again, an aspect in which R3D has identified a lack of targeted client offerings and adequate customer service so we brought it all in-house, unlike standard PR and IR companies.

creative integration for companies

So, what specifically does R3D do, and how do we combat these statistics?

R3D is unique in 3 specific ways as previously mentioned: we are dynamic, disruptive, and digitally integrative.

First, we offer perspective clients a vast network of financial and media connections to help disrupt and shake up their market place with our custom built distribution platform. This includes our over 150 media outlets and channels, and attracts interest with our reach of 120,000 people across Australia, and 300 million throughout Asia.

Second, we build and nurture dynamic relationships and growth strategies with our investors across email distribution, social media followers, and ASX announcements – wherein R3D conducts its primary marketing and is obligated to communicate publicly relevant deals, partnership, and business updates. Here, we can inform all investors and contacts totalling over 8,000 people about our clients and our business portfolio, making our primary market the secondary reach for our clients.

Marketing Solutions

Finally, we integrate the above strategic communications with digital production. This aspect of content creation, marketing solutions, and physical relationship building is most often out sourced with tragic consequences for businesses – inflated monthly retainer costs, pass-through costs, slow production, cookie cutter contracts/timelines/efforts, and minimal if any implementation planning or execution. We give every one of our clients dedicated marketing and technology managers so we deliver tailored customer services and well-polished final products.

Ultimately, R3D Global has a strong footprint across Asia and Australia, and particularly plays in a PR field of around 437 individual businesses. Of these PR businesses, only 10 per cent account for the “other PR services” segment, which constitutes investor relations and official media outlet communication. We want it to be our mission to interact with investors, engage with the people whom our client’s products can create value for, and most importantly, be the scalable relationship building business model of the future.

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