R3D Does Digital

More than ever, there is a need for our clients to become seamlessly digital or even go completely mobile focused. R3D Global raises the bar in this field by combining accessibility to multichannel digital production with traditional investor relations solutions. This strategy positions us well ahead of peers by means of achieving higher end-to-end service efficiency and better comprehensibility for clients and their customers.

For investor relations purposes, it is key to have clearly articulated messages in corporate videos and interviews. This is something we’ve mastered for our corporate partner Petra Commodities.

We help Petra Commodities create thought leadership positioning and better yet, give them the ability to distribute the content and create awareness of their insight into market trends – another aspect they can champion with our digital production.

Digital Production is crucial to the foundation of innovative companies and doesn’t only include videography. At R3D, we strive to offer our clients an expansive offering including email distribution, social media reporting, mainstream media reporting, website development, CRM development, graphic design, and video animations. Our strength truly lies in taking our clients from a stagnant position to an active one in their respective market places.

R3D Does Digital
R3D Does Digital

Many investor relations users are used to simply receiving research coverage and going on investor road shows. Although research coverage is crucial, especially to listed companies, roadshows can sometimes be inefficient and expensive. That’s how R3D has been able to identify and act upon the unmet need in creating  exciting, new, and technologically integrated campaigns that cost less and can be shared further – specifically across our database of 300,000 emails within Australia alone!


Are you ready to take on a whole new approach to communicating with your investors or customers?