R3D Global Promotes Fat Prophets’ Global Contrarian Fund Raising $49 million

R3D Global Limited (ASX:R3D) digital investor relations is honoured to have supported Fat Prophets Pty Ltd on the promotion of The Global Contrarian Fund which successfully raised $49 million.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) for The Global Contrarian Fund targeted raising $16.5 million however it closed on Friday, 10 March, 2017 with an approximate 3x oversubscription, the company confirmed.

Fat Prophets stated we “worked with R3D Global on what lead to a tremendous finish for our Contrarian LIC. R3D has a vast distribution network of both Australian and Asian investors that proved to be heavily interested in The Global Contrarian Fund.”

The R3D campaign most notably resulted in significant increases of views of the fund’s YouTube interview of its CEO, where he talks about his personal experience which has prepared him for taking on this challenge.

Fat Prophets further commented “R3D provided fast and thorough press releases, as well as engaging email campaigns. Fat prophets looks forward to working with R3D in future projects.”

Fat Prophets is a leading research house that also provides fund management opportunities for its clients. With a service offering over 15 years, alongside its successful management team, Fat Prophets can also now boast its very own Listed Investment Company (LIC) which takes total funds under management to around $150 million.

Alberto Migliucci, Chairman of R3D stated “R3D would like to congratulate the Fat Prophets team on a job well done. A key part of R3D’s custom offering to Fat Prophets was providing access to our unique footprint amongst potential Australian and Asian investors.”

R3D is a leading dynamic and disruptive digital investor relations specialist with innovative distribution, digital media production and global distribution reach. R3D Global successfully promoted the registration of interest in this IPO across four targeted social media channels out of its 14 global profiles, as well as through our 100+ Asian media partners. Additionally, R3D Global distributed news to its database of Australian and Asian investors generating thousands of unique new views.

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