R3D Promotes OpenMarkets

OM LogoFOMO stands for “fear of missing out” and it’s something we all have. But, between both R3D Global (ASX: R3D) and its client OpenMarkets, we simply can’t stand to let it happen to you, especially with our biggest innovation push yet.

R3D Global is excited to promote OpenMarkets’ open thinking, open technology, and open opportunities approach to becoming the first Australian, independent, trading organisation to offer overseas account opening technology for self-directed investment from foreign traders, specifically those currently sitting in Asia.

OpenMarkets is a tech savvy online brokerage firm headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With this strategic location, they’ve already been servicing clients in some of the most customised ways and breaking down barriers for new and small capital traders, offering some of the most nationally competitive brokerage prices. Furthermore, by taking trading technology outside of banking institutions, they’ve been able to better and more quickly apply real human resource skills, creating a leaner team and a more efficient registration process for new customers.

(Photo Credit: Bradley Photography)

Recently, OpenMarkets and their partners BMY Group, participated in The Star Chinese Festival of Racing in February, 2017, as hosted by R3D Global in partnership with The Australian Turf Club. This event increased brand awareness across Asia through the engagement of the established Australian-Asian community, working towards the creation new business partnerships and a larger network of friends and satisfied customers.

OpenMarkets is truly on the verge of a break through with the roll out of this technology having also just won a Deloitte TechFast 50 award. Not only will they be allowing investors to self-manage and direct their funds, but they are creating a highway for funds into Australian publicly traded businesses.

With this movement OpenMarkets offers efficient trading opportunities, Australian company news, and customised Application Programming Interface (API) technology to global investors in the fastest and least expensive means seen in industry currently.

For more information on how R3D Global can promote your business and get involved in R3D investor relations events, or find out more about our services, please visit www.r3d.com.au, or register your details  – because we don’t want you to miss out on this world.

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