R3D aims to establish profitable and meaningful connections and value in its clients’ businesses.

We strive to offer to our clients industry specific and targeted investor relations building opportunities. By simplifying product descriptions and services into a digital form, we can increase market exposure and awareness.

– Investor perception management
– Investor communications
– Investment forums and roadshows
– Presentation slides, factsheets
– Corporate videos
– Shareholder structure analysis
– Quarterly earnings reports
– Analyst briefings
– Issue management


Creating brand equity and generating brand awareness is crucial.

Many companies are never able to obtain any traction because standard advertising agencies are increasingly hard to work with. Instead, we work in combination with you and your desired channels to offer a completely tailored experience. We have a firm and large footprint in Australasia to give you access to local knowledge of the landscape anywhere you’d like our representation, coordination, and promotional expertise.

– Media release
– Media distributions
– Press event planning and coordination
– Media interviews
– Blogger and influencer engagement
– Luncheons and networking events
– Media centre management
– Media audit
– Media monitoring and intelligence
– Research reports
– Crisis communications

Make a big change, gain funding, or get connected with a new partner.

R3D is able to help you locate deals that could become a valuable asset in advancing your business plans. We have advisors and directors with vast deal experience, valued at over $2 billion. Our team can help you craft and identify the best deals while equipping you with the tools necessary to create continued value for your customers or clients.

– Market entry to Asia
– Partnerships
– Market research
– Cultural and trends analysis
– Competitive analysis
– Business strategy and development
– Branding Analysis


Our specialty is taking you digital.

By taking you digital we mean giving you everything. You need a corporate video: we can do it; You want a virtual reality experience of your product: done; You want your website redone or any graphic design at all, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on being one of the only Investor Relations firms to have in-house digital production and that allows us to work directly with you and get things to you faster and in better quality.

– Web design and development
– Online digital marketing
– SEO and content
– PPC campaign
– Database development
– Infographics
– Photography
– Videography

R3D has access to over 300 million people throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We can put any audience you desire right at your fingertips – that’s because R3D is one of the only investor relations firms to develop a custom distribution and media publishing platform in-house.

– Media database targeting
– Digital media distribution
– Content development
– E-newsletters
– Response and tracking