R3D Announces The Hydroponics Company’s Strategic Alliance with Phoenix Life Sciences

The Hydroponics Company Limited (ASX:THC) has implemented a major step in its medicinal cannabis strategy by signing an exclusive strategic alliance agreement executed by wholly-owned subsidiary, Canndeo Ltd (“Canndeo”), with major US-based pharmaceutical company, Phoenix Life Sciences (“Phoenix Life”).

By reviewing this exclusive strategic alliance agreement, R3D Global is pleased to offer this exciting and rare opportunity to invest in a leading supplier of medical cannabis products in Australia to global investors.

THC is at the forefront of developing a leading, diversified worldwide cannabis business, focused on three core business units: Development and delivery of medicinal cannabis, manufacturing and distribution of hydroponics equipment, materials and nutrients, and large scale hydroponic greenhouse design and construction. Canndeo itself is a wholly-owned subsidiary of THC that operates under a pharmaceutical model with a focus on the end-to-end supply of medicinal cannabis products. Canndeo has leading expertise in breeding, growth and extraction capability with a focus on the rapid introduction of medicinal cannabis products and applied for a Medicinal Cannabis Research Licence in February, 2017.

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The alliance agreement with a disruptive Colorado-based healthcare solutions company, Phoenix Life, is to collaboratively research, develop, manufacture, distribute and sell medicinal cannabis products in Australia and internationally.

Phoenix Life will develop products, formulations, packaging knowledge base, product delivery methodologies, marketing support and brand management in collaboration with Canndeo. Moreover, this partnership will allow Phoenix Life to expand distribution of medicinal cannabis products and jointly deliver cannabis products into the emerging Australian market and internationally through Canndeo.

Phoenix Life is currently building production facilities to export cannabidiol products in North America and through its alliance with Canndeo, these products (beside) will also be available in Australia. The alliance will explore opportunities to collaborate with medical associations to assist with the roll-out strategy for these products in Australia.

Otherwise, by doing the partnership with Phoenix Life will bring a number of strategic benefits for THC and help Canndeo to rapidly accelerate the development of THC’s supply chain for importing medicinal cannabis products in Australia, and significantly expand the capabilities to advance intellectual property and research and development into cannabis delivery systems. In other words, this collaboration is a major step forward for Canndeo as a leading supplier of medicinal cannabis products in Australia.

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