The Who’s Who of Trading Research

Independent investment research and advisory providers have historically seemed hard to get along with, potentially resulting in many unanswered questions or lack of descriptions for products they are meant to advise on. But, with today’s tech savvy and trend following Australian share market traders, its critical to have timely and sufficient information to make fast and profitable trading decisions. Enter Equity Story, with an astounding 18.79%* return per closed recommendation for their clients.

Source: **R3D interpretation based on IBIS World Report, 2016)

Equity Story takes the emotion and confusion out of trading so that the 2.52 million Australian current non-investors who are keen to get invested (ASX, 2015), actually can! With a newly secured and unique $5.00 brokerage arrangement through OpenMarkets, alongside two or more ‘buy’ recommendations each week, Equity Story is currently levelling the investment playing field for smaller and less sophisticated investors. R3D Global (ASX:R3D) (Equity Story’s Investor Relations firm) is also assisting the group with the digital distribution of the Equity Story products, which aligns with its recent rebranding and renewal of its website and members portal, housing the plethora of content, daily reports, videos, and recommendations. This enhanced experience displays exactly how much Equity Story values its clients so that the focus can be shifted away from stress and into increasing profit on investments with the monitoring of latest trends.

R3D Global is working with Equity Story on providing innovative distribution, digital media production and a global distribution reach.