What is direct and customised Investor Relations?

Investor Relations (IR),
is typically described as the communication of ongoing activities between a company and their investors

– Investor Relations: A Practical Guide
LSX, 2010

At R3D Global, we take things a step further and define IR as the construction of direct and customised relationships with individuals in the market place for investment opportunities –

wherein the word investment implies both financial and time contributions to organisations. R3D builds these close-knit partnerships so that people looking to invest time or funds into understanding and growing a business, have a constant flow of opportunities to do so through our clients, both publicly listed and private institutions.

So, what do we do for our clients that should make them so interesting to our investment community?

R3D attracts organisations who are looking to gain brand awareness and grow their business, be it in revenue or strategy. The best possible way to conduct these activities are through digital media production and distribution. Of course, there are many firms offering the same capabilities, and only more to join the bandwagon as time goes on. However, R3D offers each client dedicated marketing and technology managers to customise every campaign’s objectives from start to finish. Putting together a strategy and developing our digital material creates opportunities for our clients to express themselves and their business objectives in ways that are easy to understand.

However, the hidden gem is not only giving them access to a database of over 300 million people across the Asia Pacific region to display this new content, but going in to this type of distribution with a thorough understanding of how these people actually engage with the content we’ve created.

Well then, what are the ways our following engages with our clients, or should we say, their future portfolio additions?

First, the announcement of R3D’s partnership with a new client is communicated as a business milestone across our trading platform, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This serves as our project initiation press release. Then, the new digital content we create in our client’s branding gets circulated to our 8,000 email distribution subscribers, 150+ digital financial news channels with our over 300 million viewers, mobile app with push notifications, and 5+ social media channels with thousands of additional followers. Our goal is to keep investors informed on their most preferred channels and give them concise updates that they can take anywhere with them.

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