September 9, 2017 | By R3D Global

Millennials is a unique generation that will reshape our economy. Marketers who are targeting Millennials will have to rethink their strategy and outreach to capture their behaviours. Here are some of their top traits:

1. Millennials are highly connected

Millennials grew up in the age when mobile technologies are part of their everyday life. Nowadays, every millennial has their own mobile device, giving them the ability to stay connected with each other 24/7. Unlike the other generations, the most important thing in most Millennials’ lives is their mobile device. They are confident with the information they find through the mobile device.

2. Buying decisions

Millennials browse and shop on their mobile phones.  According to Forbes 2017, 66% of Millennials like a brand or company on Instagram and Facebook as well as follow a business or brand on Twitter or do subscription with the purpose of getting the discount or other benefits that they cannot get in store.

3. Social media is key

There are several popular social media platforms among the Millennials such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. Younger Millennials choose to access information via their laptops over mobile devices, whilst older Millennials prefer to use mobile devices to access information.

4. Peer influence

Before buying the products, 75% Millennials read online reviews and blogs. They want to know how good the product is before they trust the brand. Once they trust the brand, they will be loyal towards the brand. They also influence their friends’ purchase decisions through sharing and exchanges.

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