June 20, 2017 | By R3D Global

Database is one of the most crucial tools that any business can have. All organisations collect information about clients and potential clients – names, addresses, contact details, that could form a good database or CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

Database provides access to contact information so it keeps you in touch with those people, allows you to build relationships and talk to them on a one-to-one level about your business, what you are doing, what is planned and how they can help or be involved.

As your business expands, failure to implement a good database can hinder your future growth. Why? Besides useful contacts can be used to manage marketing and promotions where you can use it to update information on your products, including detailed product descriptions and specifications, prices, promotional offers and availability, it allows you to do segmenting and targeting as well. In other word, it allows you to deliver the information effectively to the right person. Not all your customers are the same and they therefore should not get fed the same messages. Segmentation is important to add context for your different customer types and ensure your customers receive a message that is relevant to them.

To develop a good database, R3D Global recommends that any organization should always start with a good plan and know what the requirements are. Ask yourself how the contacts are going to help you grow your business. What do you know about these contacts? How will they prefer to receive information from your organization? Invest the time to collate the information, and you may need to cleanse the data on a regular basis. Then determine how you are going to collect this information, including with partners. You will need to develop a planning process so that you can reap maximum benefits from the new database.

At R3D Global, we have invested the time and resources to develop a database of media contacts in the region, as well as investors who have specific interests in opportunities. We take time and effort to prepare content that interest them and deliver them to them in an efficient way.

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