R3D Promotes Revolutionary Certificate Issuance and Verification System Built on Blockchain; DigiCerts renamed as 3DCerts

April 11, 2020

R3D Global Limited (ASX: R3D) is promoting a secure, next generation blockchain-based universal certification platform called 3DCerts (previously known as DigiCerts). The complete end-to-end solution protects users in three domains (3D): the issuers, the students and the verifying parties.

Certificate fraud is increasingly an issue globally. As much as 30 percent of job applications analysed in 2019 had discrepancies such as employment history, education and financial status (source: AsiaOne). The global upsurge of educational fraud threatens to devalue higher education and undermines academic integrity whilst harming institutional reputations.

Educational institutions typically take two weeks to successfully verify certificates, a costly administrative process. 3DCerts address both the fraud and administrative issues with real-time verification via blockchain network.

3DCerts is a blockchain-based security protocol designed to create an added level of protection for certificate issuers (institutions or corporations), owners (students or users) and employers. Users of 3DCerts are given ownership of their digital assets and will be able to share directly with anyone who requires access. The system replaces traditional paper-based certificates, providing security, permanence and accessibility while abating potential fraud cases.

Educational institutions who are interested in 3DCerts may contact info@3dcerts.com.