October 3, 2018 | Sydney and Singapore | By R3D Global

R3D Global Limited (ASX: R3D) a regional investor relations and public relations firm, has formed a strategic alliance with Horeca Marketplace, providing a one-stop solution to promote, showcase and distribute Australasian products to Asia.

Under the agreement, R3D will provide market advisory, media distribution, marketing and PR services to brands who are seeking to expand outside of Australia. R3D will also be conducting digital marketing and social media campaigns to promote food-tasting and sampling sessions to engage consumers and businesses for an immersive experience. Horeca Marketplace will offer an omni-channel solution that covers freight forwarding, warehousing, inventory management, e-commerce management, logistics fulfillment, as well as an online marketplace “Buy Direct Australia” for all Australian food products. Apart from these services, Australian products that are on board will also be showcased in a wholesale centre in Singapore that acts as a permanent product display for international F&B products.

“Companies in Australia looking to expand their business into Asia can now leverage a one-stop solution that helps them to expand and grow their business in the most cost-effective and efficient way. We are glad to partner with Horeca Marketplace to effectively assist companies to spread their wings to Asia with R3D’s experience, market knowledge and media networks,” said Florence Fang, CEO of R3D Global.

Eddie Siow, CEO of IM Holdings said, “IM Holdings is very excited to work together with R3D Global. This partnership will complete our ecosystem and will play a crucial role to raise the brand awareness of the brands that are on board. With our wealth of knowledge, we are confident would create substantial value for stakeholders over the long run period as well as help Australian companies to leverage their business into Asia.”

For more information, please visit https://www.buydirectaustralia.com/ or http://www.horeca-marketplace.com.

About Horeca Marketplace

Horeca Marketplace Pte Ltd is part of IM Holdings, one of the largest logistic companies in Singapore founded in 1999. The company has 7 warehouses; in Singapore, Brunei, East and West Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Cambodia, which cover the whole spectrum of logistics, such as land, sea, air, to storage to last-mile delivery. Beyond logistic and warehousing services, Horeca Marketplace is able to help organisations entering Singapore and markets in Asia by allowing companies to leverage on our established and extensive infrastructure and networks. IM Holdings has also heavily invested in technology to properly manage inventory stored in the warehouses; bonded warehouses and cold storage for perishable products. For more information, visit http://www.horeca-marketplace.com and http://www.im-holdings.com