Things all nice guys need to stop leaning on

Nice guys are great. They’re kind, caring, and make the world a better place. But here’s the thing, and that is that nice guys shouldn’t rely on their niceness for validation, and some should stop leaning so heavily on that trait altogether. Here’s why:

You’re Not A Victim

Being a nice guy is not the same thing as being a victim. You don’t need to be owed anything by anyone, and you can be nice and still be the boss of your own life. You can be nice and still have fun and sex with Adelaide escorts, and not fall into the category of a bad guy. 

Being a nice guy doesn’t mean that you are weak or inferior in any way, though some people might think so. It just means that you want to make other people happy, which is actually very admirable. 

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself, too. You don’t have to sacrifice everything for others just because they’re important to you.

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You Don’t Have To Be Kind To Everyone

You need to stop leaning on the idea that you have to be nice to everyone. You do not need to be kind, polite and helpful towards every single person who comes into your life. 

Some people will take advantage of your good nature and use it against you. They’ll use your kindness as a way to get what they want, and when they don’t get what they want from someone else because that person might actually stand up for themselves, then they’ll turn around and blame you for being mean or selfish or whatever else. 

You also need to stop leaning on the desire not only for approval but also approval at all costs. That is because sometimes approval isn’t worth having if it means losing ourselves along the way.

You Can Be Nice Without Sacrificing Who You Are

The world isn’t going to fall apart without you being nice. Being nice is important, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters in your life or career. You can still be a good person and do good things for others without sacrificing who you are as a person along the way. 

The Nice Guy Trap 

You can fall into the trap of believing that people will come around to see things your way because you’re a nice guy. But this is not the case.

The world is full of people too busy worrying about themselves to give a damn about you. And when it comes down to a choice between the two options, doing something for the benefit of others or doing something that benefits only themselves, guess which one they’ll choose?

That’s why you need to become more assertive and take charge of situations rather than waiting for others to do so.

In Conclusion

You’re allowed to say no, and people will still like you just as much. You can be selfish sometimes, because being nice isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. In fact, it might even hold you back from achieving some of your goals.